The best thing Zenails has to offer is the very best nail technicians in Colorado. Dina, the owner and operator of Zenails, only hires nail technicians who have a great deal of experience, and provide the very best quality work. At Zenails, we understand the importance of friendliness, quality and putting the customer first.

Everyone at Zenails speaks English and is ready to give their clients the specific treatment that they request.

Owners & Operators

Tom & Dina

Dina Bautista is the owner and operator of Zenails. She was born in the northern Philippines, at 18 years of age she moved to Japan for 5 years, and then immigrated to Colorado.

Dina pours her entire heart and soul into Zenails and you can immediately feel that when you meet her and experience Zenails. Dina’s favorite hobby is gardening, although she is also an advanced skier, as well as a mother of two shown here in the picture. The little brown girl is Lizzy and the big white guy is Harry. They are both home schooled and are good examples of the better education as well as the poor social skills associated with home schooling.

Tom is the old guy in the picture. He is fairly cranky too, but he makes up for that with his plumbing and electrical skills. He is the senior vice president of janitorial services for Zenails, and also Dina’s husband.

Nail Technicians & Aestheticians

Ann is a young loving wife and mother of three beautiful children, whom she adores and protects like delicate crystals. She is the sole provider of her family, including her parents who are currently residing close by. Her loving husband is continuously undergoing medical care from diabetes, that’s why Ann works very hard all the time.


Lynn is a former Nail Salon owner for many years. She decided to explore other options, now she works as a full-time accountant, and works at Zenails on weekends to continue to fulfill her love and passion in performing manicure, pedicure and waxing services, since 2005 at Zenails.


Maria a mother of two. She enjoys playing with her children and taking her family for dinner, and grocery shopping with her mother on her days off. Maria loves doing nails, and is a very likable person.


Hannah exemplifies calmness, full of respect and trustworthy! Sewing and clothing alterations are second nature to her. She enjoys cooking as well as hanging out with her kids on her days off.


Brandon likes to prune his bonsai trees in his leisure time. He belongs to a musical band as a guitar player. He’s an architect, dragon dancer and a teacher; he used to be a fisherman in his younger days. He loves to talk politics. He’s a loving nurturing husband of 5 children, 2 biological and 3 adopted kids. And he put’s up with Dina, you can ask him…

Mr. Bonsai 007

Tina is a family oriented mother of two, oldest daughter works at one of the largest accounting firms in Colorado, and the youngest son is in High School. Tina enjoys being a nail technician. She always wants to keep her time open for her clients to come and see her at any given day of the week. She is an expert in knitting, and she always brings a sample of her delicious cooking.


Dawnie is a real character, outgoing, funny, and charismatic kind of person. Dawnie is married with two healthy – spunky little ones, a girl and a boy. She loves cooking and taking her kids to the park.