Our name, “Zenails”, is derived as a combination of “Zen”, which is a form of Buddhism, and “Nails”, which are our specialty! The special gift of Zen is the realization of the Buddha’s enlightenment in one’s own life and in one’s own time. Zen is a state of being that aims for enlightenment by direct intuition through relaxation and meditation. Enlightenment is liberation from ego, desire and suffering.

Zenails is a place to find a little inner peace and receive well-deserved pampering treatment for your hands, feet, body and mind.

Our Mission

Zenails’ Mission is to deliver the highest quality nail services to our guests, and to create the most rewarding and relaxing atmosphere possible for both our guests and our staff.

Our Nail Salon

At Zenails, we measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers. We know that if you’re satisfied all other measures of success will be positive.

Our friendly and professional staff strives to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in which you can relax into “the moment,” letting go of the stress and worries of daily life. Our blessing is that you’ll carry this inner peace throughout your day.

Come visit us, and you’ll find our tranquil and peaceful environment will indulge all your senses, helping you to release all the stress, tension and worries of your busy, daily life.

Our History

Zenails was established in Spring 2004, and we opened our doors for business in November, 2004. Tom Keppel and Dina Bautista are the proud owners and operators of Zenails. Dina, runs the daily operations and Tom keeps everything running behind the scenes.

Prior to the opening of Zenails, Dina worked in the hospitality industry as an employee and manager of several familiar hotels. Tom has experience in Marketing and in the Sales Industry and has extraordinary talent as a repairman. Tom also moonlights as Dina’s husband, and together they seem to have the perfect package of knowledge, skills, expertise and companionship to grow a business like Zenails to be the Best Nail Salon in Denver.